Welcome to The Nuthead 3D

The Nutheads 3D is a ENFT Collection in ergo blockhain. This Collection is much more than Enfts , you can actually have access to the 3D models and print files of your enft to use them how ever you want

NutHeads3D mint address:




Nutheads 3D Collection

Nutheads 3D collection is a ENFT collection of 50 unique enfts that are actual 3d models. Holders of those nfts can have access to both 3d models and 3d print files so they can print them and have the actual figure in real life

BabyNut 3D Collection

BabyNut collection is a ENFT collection of 100 unique enfts . After searching for a cave to mine nutheads found true love and they create BabyNuts. This collection has different babies ,items, toys ,backgrounds and more . 50 Babynuts where airdrop to Nutheads holders

NutGirl 3D Collection

15 Extra rare Nutgirls will be minted. 5 will be airdrop to 5 lucky babynuts holders and the rest will be for sale in Ergo Auction house

Nuthouse 3D Collection

150 NutHouses will be minted in total with different colours, roofs , pools , jacuzzi and more, every #nuthouse will be airdrop to Nutheads and BabyNut holders

-35 Level 1 NutHouses

-35 Level 2 NutHouses

-30 Level 3 NutHouses

-25 Level 4 NutHouses

-20 Level 5 NutHouses

-5 Level 6 NutHouses

Also 1 Skyscraper will be minted and will be available for bidding in auction house.